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The crypto world can become
a multiplier of capital
or a black hole
While some lucky individuals earn extravagant sums, ride Lamborghinis, and dine on yachts, others consistently lose out on signals, pyramids, scams, futures, or face confusion on where to even begin
99% of people unintentionally start in directions that lead to financial loss
Pyramids, futures, scam protocols, fake exchanges, wallet drainers, and more eagerly await newcomers to take advantage of them
The crypto world is truly inhospitable. It inundates you with an overwhelming amount of information, leaving you unsure of what steps to take
Countless directions, strategies, and opinions confuse you, causing you to try everything at once, resulting in poor outcomes
The absence of a centralized resource with all the necessary services
and a lack of understanding on how to conduct analysis independently push you towards private crypto channels. You become a hostage of signals without gaining valuable experience
You don't need to be a genius to get rich on a script.
It is enough to know the basics and tools
Therefore, the surest way to wealth is to stop believing in the "loot" button and start self-education
How to outperform the market using DEFI
and multiply your capital?
DEFI tools — decentralized exchanges based on liquidity pools, lending protocols that provide loans, protocols for liquid staking, and so on — enable a multiple increase in profitability
Cryptocurrency doesn't just lie in the portfolio, but works and multiplies in quantity
Imagine purchasing
BTC today for $1000
Without DEFI tools
1000$ = 32 000$
The average annual yield of BTC is approximately 230%, let's assume a conservative estimate of 100%
after 5 years
With DEFI tools
1000$ =
after 5 years
This represents a fourfold increase, even with a conservative growth rate of 30% per year)
The yield is multiplied by the yield of BTC
Let's consider a conservative DeFi yield of 30% per annum (not stacking at 20% per annum, but avoiding high-risk strategies that can yield 850% or more)
118 813$
And together with the DeFi Club,
into $172,103 in 5 years
$1000 can be turned
With the help of DeFi CLub,
it is really possible to make more
per year
If you're interested in learning more about
and still wondering:
DEFI and cryptocurrencies
DeFi Club
to the
Secret strategies of conscious crypto investors and balancing risk and profit
Analytics, services and knowledge base
The strongest crypto community
The Best DeFi Strategies
Over 50 services and useful resources
Over 20 articles and instructions
Analytics, tokenomics and risk assessments
All the most
of the crypto world
in one place
for maximizing your earnings
DeFi Club is a place where each participant will find answers to their questions
It pulls together the highest quality information from the world of cryptocurrencies, tested by top market analysts who truly earn from it
Constantly updated knowledge base
High-Quality Market Activity
Top Investment strategies
Already joined by entrepreneurs, developers, IT specialists, investors, startups, millionaires, and even those who bought BTC for just $300
About the work of the DeFi-Club
in 10 minutes
You'll find out in the video:
Details of the DEFI-club
How to protect yourself from draining your depot?
How to increase the profitability of crypto assets that are just lying around?
for your
crypto growth
an ecosystem
for your
crypto growth
an ecosystem
Every 10 days, new opportunities
with each level
open up along
Every 10 days, new opportunities
with each level
open up along
Access to a closed platform where you can invest in proven crypto startups in the earliest rounds
Access to detailed analytics of startups: Tokenomics, Content and Value, Social Networks, Development, Team, Investors and Funds
Complete privacy and anonymity
This level will give you the opportunity to invest in startups until the moment of public sales on a par with Tier1 funds (Binance Labs, A16Z, Coinbase, Paradigm, Morningstar Ventures, Zee Prime Capital and others)
Level 0 is open
The best market activities with instructions. The activity bank is constantly updated and refreshed
Support for activities
Useful articles on the topic of activities
Materials and services for work
Active chat
This level will allow you to participate in the top market activities in order to form a primary capital of $10-15 thousands with a high probability
Level 1 is open
Constantly updated dozens of current DeFi positions with APR 7-860% and different risk levels
Step-by-step instructions for each strategy with medium and long-term planning
Audits of DeFi protocols with risk assessment
Knowledge base
DeFi Chat
In addition to tested DEFI positions, this level will provide tools and understanding of work in this sector, narrow the range of search for new DeFi protocols and will save time and money
Level 2 is open
Maintaining positions
Support for DeFi and Investment positions. Each strategy laid out opens and falls into the DeFi Club portfolio, for which open statistics are maintained
Constant updating of ranges and rebalancing
Broadcast of additional purchases and asset sale
Maintaining a speculative portfolio
Published weekly are:
Level 3 is open
a list of all current strategies with actual profitability since the opening of positions
current ranges for currency pairs from the DEFI section
Weekly update of the actual profitability for each of the strategies
actions related to investments (purchase/sale of assets from various portfolios)
Dozens of relevant investment strategies with a growth potential up to x3-x25
Recommendations for recruiting and selling positions
Analysis and tokenomics of projects
Invest Chat
This level will allow us to form 2 portfolios:
Level 4 is open
a speculative portfolio within which some assets are consistently risked and give from 2 or more multipliers
a fundamental portfolio of strong assets that we accumulate until better times (bull)
A number of optimal crypto and DeFi portfolios for different deposit sizes
Speculative, medium-term DeFi Club portfolio for spot trading consisting of 16 assets, some of which experience occasional price surges
Portfolios broken down by investment areas to form a balance between risk and profit
This level will allow you to form an optimal portfolio depending on the size of the deposit and the level of risk you are ready for
Level 5 is open
Ape in
Here those tokens are published, which,as a rule, have just been listed. Also there are tokens launched and pumped by various private crypto channels. These tokens can either turn out to be scams or provide significant gains, even up to x15 within a day
This level will create primary capital. Ludka is the most high-risk direction of DeFi Club, which works exclusively with competent risk management
Level 7 is open
Each of the participants of the DeFi Club can offer their own strategy. We will analyze it, conduct our own audit, and if it seems good to us, we will post it for other members of the club
For the proposed strategies that have shown positive profitability over a distance of 30 days, rewards in stables will be paid
Level 9 is open
DEFI Club is an ecosystem with an endless pumping process
Dozens of directions and crypto projects will be deployed on the basis of the ecosystem. When you upgrade your account, more and more different bonuses and new investment opportunities open up
At the moment, there are three platforms in development. All levels and achievements of the subscription will be accumulated in the NFT, which will be available in the future
It doesn't matter who you are
And what kind of experience you have
who has only heard about cryptocurrency from acquaintances or the internet
Someone with experience in cryptocurrency
but hasn't found a suitable direction and has lost a portion of their investment

Experienced crypto investor
actively investing, analyzing, and monitoring the market
in DeFi-Club
you will learn how to
and form an additional sources of income
with a balance
between risk and profit
that has already
450+ people
of a large crypto community
Become a part