Launchpad from DeFi Club

Access to a private platform for investing in proven crypto startups in the earliest rounds
Available to defi Club members
Each project goes through a startup analysis system based on dozens of indicators.
From a selection of 100 projects, we only invest in 2-3 of the safest and most promising ones
available to any investor who is a member of the DeFi Club
Exclusive options
A unique opportunity to invest in private rounds
alongside top Tier 1 funds without requiring an impressive deposit
Win-Win Strategy
Our team of analysts places great value on young and promising projects in the fields of economy, marketing, and product development. As a reward for our work, we request allocations in these projects instead of monetary compensation.
Access to detailed analytics of startups
Tokenomics, content and value, social networks, development, team, investors and funds. Our focus is solely on the most relevant sectors with significant potential
The launchpad is constantly evolving
Each month, we secure approvals for 1 to 4 allocations in top projects, and
Additionally, we collaborate with funds that assist us in accessing top projects. In turn, we help these funds provide increased value to projects and enhance overall allocation, resulting in a win-win situation.
The size of these allocations continues to increase.
Previously, we invested with a small private club of investors, pooling together from $50,000 to $100,000 for each project. However, today, we share these allocations with every participant of the DeFi Club.
Crypto Startup Portfolio
We invest through funds and are under an NDA, therefore we cannot publicly name the projects we invest in
A DeFi platform that helps Web 3 creators automate accounting
Expected profit
Invested in the project:
Binance Labs
Tier 1 под NDA
A protocol that allows you to create synthetic assets for stocks, commodities and indices, which significantly increases the possibility of structuring portfolios in DeFi
Expected profit
Invested in the project:
Polychain Capital (Tier 0)
Electric Capital (Tier 1)
An omnichain protocol with the DEX & Stableswap aggregator, completely resistant to MEV attacks
Expected profit
Invested in the project:
MH Ventures
Polychain Capital
Binance Labs
Available in DeFi Club
A financial management application that allows you to maximize the rewards received in DeFi
Expected profit
Invested in the project:
Orange Dao
Tubbs Ventures
F7 Venture
Necessary Ventures
Bee Partners
The world’s first streaming platform based on the blockchain technology, which allows you to remotely view the world through human eyes in real time from anywhere in the world
Expected profit
Invested in the project:
Partnership with DAO Maker
A project for institutions with secure staking at 5-10% per annum (BTC, ETH, STABLECOINS and a number of other tokens)
Expected profit
Invested in the project:
Founders Fund
Marc Cuban
CEO: Robin Hood, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon exchanges
Exclusive contract with Barcelona Football club
Develop a scalable privacy layer for existing applications, eliminating the requirement to exchange liquidity from current pools
Expected profit
Invested in the project:
E-Girl Capital (Tier 0)
Zee Prime Capital (Tier 1)
An AAA - rank game that expands the capabilities of players by giving them full ownership of their game property
Expected profit
Invested in the project:
Project using AI to automate, identify and distribute NFT search capabilities across the Web3
Expected profit
Invested in the project:
mgnr (Tier 2)
Mechanism Capital (Tier 1)
Momentum6 (Tier 2)
Metacartel Ventures (Tier 2)
Hypersphere Ventures (Tier 1)
Ascensive Assets (Tier 1)
Shima Capital (Tier 2)
Animoca Brands
Spartan Group
Shima Capital
Jump Cryptol
Blizzard Fund
AlphaCrypto Capital
Griffin Gaming Partners
Jump Capital
KuCoin Labs
Gamegroove Capital
Republic Capital
Raptor Group
Morningstar Ventures
Sequoia Capital Tier 0
Spartan Group
Sequoia Capital
Anthony Pompliano
Tribe Capital
Future Fund
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