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The Best DeFi Strategies
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All the most
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DeFi Club is a place where each participant will find answers to their questions
It pulls together the highest quality information from the world of cryptocurrencies, tested by top market analysts who truly earn from it
Constantly updated knowledge base
High-Quality Market Activity
Top Investment strategies
Already joined by entrepreneurs, developers, IT specialists, investors, startups, millionaires, and even those who bought BTC for just $300

DeFi Club

Our methodology enables you to effectively grow and distribute capital, managing risks and constantly shifting assets to a more secure level
1 level
Airdrops / High risk / Speculation (Ape in)
Airdrops / speculation
High-risk DeFi strategies
Medium and Low-Risk DeFi Strategies / Investing in Crypto Startups
Spot Investing
BTC (the most reliable asset on planet Earth)
2 level
Yield Hunting / High-risk DeFi strategies (weak assets), Speculative portfolio
3 level
Medium, low-risk DeFi strategies and investments in crypto startups (shifting to strong assets)
4 level
Spot investment
BTC (the most reliable asset on planet Earth)
DeFi Club
Pyramid of investments from
Together with the DeFi Club, $1,000 can be turned into $172,103 in 5  years
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Details of the DEFI-club
How to protect yourself from draining your depot?
How to increase the profitability of crypto assets that are just lying around?
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