Program DeFi Club

Receive 40% of each subscription payment from all the users you have invited to the club
Available to defi Club members
Inform your audience about the club and earn
for each one who pays
a reward of up to 40%
30% of each subscription payment made by participants you have invited
Maxim's total income is
Statistics on all users, percentages of payments, the ability to generate multiple links and work with different audience segments
Withdraw cryptocurrency to your wallet with just two clicks, without any restrictions on the amount
10% from each subscription payment by those who were invited by your invitees
Two-tier DeFi Club affiliate program
551$ per month
Transparent analytics in the partner's personal account

Stable payments
Level 1
Level 2
24 friends
39 friends of Maxim's friends
income 360$/month
income 191$/month
on our affiliate program?
How much can you earn
Anastasia Dmitrieva
has been at the club since 08.08.2023
Monthly income:
Invited 1st level users: 69
Invited 2nd level users: 19
Valentin Kolesnikov
has been at the club since 03.09.2023
Monthly income:
Invited 1st level users: 10
Invited 2nd level users: 2
Kirill Bulychev
has been at the club since 23.07.2023
Monthly income:
Invited 1st level users: 102
Invited 2nd level users: 46
Ivan Bolushevsky
has been at the club since 29.08.2023
Monthly income:
Invited 1st level users: 17
Invited 2nd level users: 13
Dmitry Kudryavtsev
has been at the club since 14.09.2023
Monthly income:
Invited 1st level users: 9
Invited 2nd level users: 21
Become our partner!
Track the statistics of the users you have invited through your partner's account and receive monthly rewards to your wallet
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